BBI Real Estate has finished the construction process of a residential complex located at Mihrivode, Sarajevo. Three buildings with 15 – 18 residental units have been constructed.

Location: The area of the municipality Old Town – Alija Nametak street, the former Frontovska street.

The high standard of construction and materials used resulted in the creation of maximum space usage with lots of natural light within each housing unit. In addition to this, with the help of landscaping work for the area around the complex, the investor aimed to create a sort of an intimate mini-resort, which would be a great choice for every family – an ideal compromise between the central location of the complex and peaceful surroundings. The clean air and a living space that is sunny throughout the whole day (orientation east – west ) are additional advantages this complex possesses.

The apartments are equipped with all necessary modern housing installations:

    • Elevators from the garage level to the top floor
    • Floor heating through a gas combi boiler and radiator system. Hot water for bathroom and kitchen usage is also regulated through this system.
    • Alternative electric hot water heater.
    • A security front door that is fire-ressistant and smoke permeable (first class, fire resistance of T-90 mins)
    • Facade with d-10cm thermal insulation constructed with first-class  environmentally harmless  materials in order to guarantee durability and provide a pleasant life ambience.
    • Flooring with thermo-acoustic insulation, screed floating surface and a quality finish: two-layer oak parquet and premium ceramics.
    • The walls of residential premises are smoothed and painted with high-quality vapor permeable eco paints.