The units of the complex are designed as a buildings with reinforced concrete canvases and horizontal and vertical reinforcements with infill of brick thermal blocks with 20:25cm thickness, manufactured by ”NEXE”. Retaining walls are made of 10cm thick blocks. Lining walls in bathroom and kitchen are made of 5.7cm thick siporex blocks, manufactured by YTONG.

The construction between floors is made of reinforced concrete, 15cm thick over the basement, ground floor and attic, 20cm above the first floor and 30 cm above the garage. Garage has a feature zaklona. The objects foundation is a Temelj object is a counter with a thickness of 50cm.
The hipped roof is covered with corrugated dark-brown metal sheet. Water from the roof is collected by a horizontal trough gutters and is fed via downspouts to the ground. The ventilated cold roof is to be provided with linear snow guards. The outside air is allowed to flow freely through an opening in the eaves and under the horizontal ring beam which supports the wall plate. The vent is via ridge ventilation.
All interior walls and ceilings (excluding the area where false soffit is to be constructed) are plastered with gypsum mortar and finished with dispersion paint. Cement mortar is used to plaster bathrooms and kitchens.
First-class ceramic tiles line entire height of the bathroom walls. Walls in the kitchen are covered with tiles to a height of 150 cm.
Gypsum plaster is used to cover the walls area in other rooms. Corners of the walls were protected with angular metal strips.
The first-class tiles are used to form wall and floor coverings in entrance halls, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and terraces. Anti-slip and frost-resisted tiles are to be laid in the entrance area.
Floors in the rooms, living and dining room and hallway are finished with first-class laminated oak parquet. Granit stone is used to cover the staircases: polished for interior and flamed one for the external staircases.
Garage floor is made of reinforced concrete.
Concrete was used to construct the raft foundation and the basement walls; the same material was applied to build foundation slab of the basement hall area under the terrace with two-coat humidity insulating tapes SOPREMA applied.
Waterproofing of bathrooms, kitchens, halls in front of the apartments and terraces on the mansards is made of two-component jointless polymer-cement  POLSEAL 701 (component A) and emulsion AKRYLEX EL 1130 (component B) laid on the floors and walls surfaces of these premises.
All floors in the building are constructed as floating ones with 4 cm thick layer of thermal insulation (Austrotherm). Ceilings over the basement and basement hall are provided with additional 5 cm thick thermal insulation.
The walls of the apartments are additionally protected with 5 cm thick sandwich insulation panels. The same panels are used to provide acoustic insulation between apartments.

Façade of the building included primer coating and preparation of a base with 10cm thick thermal insulating system. It is painted in two shades, light and dark. Basic shade is bright with dark areas around the windows on the ground and first floor. The visible areas of the garage walls will be painted in dark color, while the skirting will be made of washed concrete plates. Partitions between the terraces, on the ground floor of buildings, are made of wood and painted in dark brown with previous impregnation.

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